Winsome Rehab Centre

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Winsome Rehab Centre  is a rehabilitation setup specializing in the assessment and treatment of Repetitive Strain Injuries, Musculo-skeletal disorders and Childhood Disabilities.

The Centre has qualified and experienced rehabilitation professionals with over 10 years of experience and is equipped with the latest equipment for the treatment of patients. The team of experts consists of Occupational, Physiotherapy , Speech and Language therapists along with special education.  They combine sound clinical knowledge and experience to deliver unsurpassed quality of care. The therapy provided is focused on goal specific rehabilitation with the aim to maximize independence.

We enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and make their life to live better with illness , injury or disability .

We provide a healthy , friendly , familiar environment in our sessions with patients which results in faster recovery and helps in maintaining a balance between patient and therapy .

Along with therapy sessions , we conduct different activities for people like Crafts,Art,Picnic, Dance , Party Celebrations to let our Winsome family enjoy their life .

Life is beautiful , try to enjoy each and every moment !!

Winsome Health Benefits Program

With each passing day of lockdown , life somehow is moving down with negative thoughts , health concerns , loneliness , weight gain , depression and what not...

You noticed it .

You indeed acknowledged it .

But did you work upon it ?

If not , Now is the time !

Work on yourself , because You deserve a Better YOU.

We are bringing  'Winsome Health Benefits Program' to you with the motive to make living easy , happy and healthy . The program will be focused not only on physical fitness but the overall healthy body and mind . It is not a monotonous program , each week has a different curriculum . Join us in this beautiful journey of Healthy and happy life !!

Mode - Online 

Moderator  - Dr. Diksha Srivastava

Channel  - Google Meet

Timings - Mon-Fri 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Winsome Youtube Extension

Winsome Rehab Centre also helps people through their youtube channel which has a number of videos related to different physical and lifestyle problems.

Republic day Carnival 26th January 2019 

Workshop on Role of Reflexes in postural control and development
Date 6/1/2019 

3rd Dec World disability day 2018 "EK PRAYAAS" an event was organized by Gayatri Punarwas Kendra 
Assessment and consultation camp for pediatric 

World Occupational Day 2018 Awareness Camp in Kidzee Noida Sec 51

WINSOME REHAB CENTRE celebrated World Occupational Therapy Day 2018 by conducting Occupational therapy awareness and consultation camp in KIDZEE at Noida sector 51.

It was a free camp specially organized for the parents and teachers of preschool children who are facing problems in daily life and in academics due to their developmental issues like poor eye contact, hyper activeness, restless behavior, aggressive behavior, delayed speech, problems in brushing, grooming , dressing, feeding etc. 

WINSOME team did assessment for children's milestones achievement and screening for their general classroom performance and skills. Dr. DIKSHA SRIVASTAVA has given counseling and advice to the parents for the related issues. She has suggested for the home programme also where it is needed. She also emphasized the need of play and activities to develop the skills of children and made aware the parents for the side effects of long term gadgets use in children. Parents and teachers has appreciated the effort of WINSOME team. WINSOME team is thankful to DR. ISHA SONI (Director) and Suman Negi (Head) KIDZEE sector 51 for their support and cooperation.  

25th Feb 2018 free camp was organised in Prateek Laureal at Noida by Winsome & Care for kids clinic

Following a survey of the local resident of Prateek Laureal and our client it was found that many of the old and young residents including ladies are suffering from joints and muscle pain and many parents are concerned for the developmental issues of their children. So on 25th feb 2018 a awareness and consultation camp was organised for Prateek Laureal residents between 9am to 3 pm. It was decided to arrange the camp for adults with musculoskeletal pain and for the kids with developmental problems.
DR. NEELAM MAKHIJANI (pediatrician) assessed children for their growth parameters, vaccination schedule, behavioral issues and nutritional deficiencies. She counselled parents and children and gave her advice on parenting skills.
DR. DIKSHA SRIVASTAVA (occupational therapist) assessed children with problems like hyper activeness, sensory seeking behaviors, hand writing problems, delayed milestones etc and made aware to the parents for the need of occupational therapy in these types of issues in children.
DR. MAHIPAL SINGH (physiotherapist) gave some very good advice to the residents and young ladies who attended the camp, who were facing problems mainly caused by their day to day work. He also treated the clients with joints and muscle pain & gave advice on how to get the habbit of good posture? He also emphasized the need to carry out daily exercises in home and demonstrated some of the exercise in front of them. He also talked about the need of ergonomics to increase the working time and productivity.
The amount of participation of  residents and their feedback showed that they appreciated the effort that had been made to help them.