Winsome Rehab Centre

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Treatment Techniques

Taping Technique

Used in orthopedic, neuromuscular and neurological conditions to reduce pain, support muscles and enhance their performance

Balance Training

Weight shifting and balance training

Gait Training

On treadmill

Neurodevelopmental Technique

Positioning with the help of harness and slings

Gait Training

Using elastic bands to improve lower limb coordination in gait cycle

Ball Therapy


Oromotor Training

For drooling, speech, feeding training etc.

Sensory Stimulation

Using tactile and auditory stimulus in cortical blindness and other neuropaediatric conditions



Spider Therapy for Celebral Palsy

In standing position to attain vertical position

Spider Therapy for Celebral Palsy

On trampoline to improve stability and voluntary movements of the body and to improve the performance of the vestibular system

Spider Therapy for Celebral Palsy

In sitting to improve spacial awareness and help to perform activities of daily living

Group Therapy

Group activity to improve co-ordination, co-operation and communication skills

Play Therapy

To improve creativity, cognitive and social skills

Balance Training

Standing with minimal support

 Happy Faces 

Republic Day Celebration

Drawing Competition Event

Plantation Event

HandiCrafts Exhibition


Workshop on Role of Reflexes in postural control and development

25th Feb 2018 free camp was organised in Prateek Laureal at Noida by Winsome & Care for kids clinic